ANNOUNCED BY   Registration Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   12 March 2019
ANNOUNCED BY   Register office   ANNOUNCED DATE   13 March 2019
 5. New student for Academic Year 2019 (International Program)(HIGH PRIORITY)

Sign in at to get the username and password, input the student information and print out : March 15 - 25, 2019

Print out the invoice form REG system (menu "Debt/Scholarship") : March 21 - 25, 2019
*Please present the proof of payment to get the receipt at cashier (Building A).

Freshman Registration : March 31, 2019 at Building A, 3rd Floor at Room A313 (referring to the Freshman Registration Schedule)

Required Document
1. A completed student registration (printed from attached with photo
2.Consent Form (signed by guardian)
3.Copy of High School transcript 1 copy
4.Copy of student's Thai National Card or Passport 2 copies
5.Copy of student's House Registration 2 copies
6.Copy of Thai National Card or Passport of Father 1 copy
7.Copy of Thai National Card or Passport of Mother 1 copy
8.Copy of Thai National Card or Passport of Guardian (in case of neither father nor mother) 1 copy
9.An original of Medical Certification (issued by Hospital only)

Should you have any concern, please contact Registrar's Office Tel. 02-763-2600 ext.2666.
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar   ANNOUNCED DATE   15 March 2019
 6.Withdrawal for Semester 2/2018 (International Program)

Withdrawal period : March 4 - April 12, 2019

The process of withdrawal

1. Get the withdrawal form at Registrar's office
2. Get the signature of the lecturer
3. Submit the signed form at Registrar's Office within the Withdrawal period
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar's office   ANNOUNCED DATE   4 March 2019
 7.Request to Graduate for Semester 2/2018
(Nov 9 - Dec 7, 2018)

The students who have registered all courses in semester 2/2018, can apply for graduation online (no need to wait for the grade).

After applying for graduation online, please print out the document and present it to advisor for a signature. Then submit the signed form to the Office of Registrar by Dec 7, 2018. Otherwise, the process will not be completed.

*IMPORTANT* For the detail, please click here Click here

The students who apply for graduation after Dec. 7,2018 ,please contact Office of Registrar. Based on Office of Registrar's policy, the students will be charged for late fee in case of late processing.
ANNOUNCED BY   Register office   ANNOUNCED DATE   23 June 2018
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